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For owners of single-family homes with gardens, spring can be associated with the intensive tidying up of the clutter that winter weather can create. In addition to cleaning the facade, driveway, garden furniture, or garden plant care, it is also worth taking a look at the condition of your home’s roof. In the latest blog post, we suggest how to take care of the roof in the spring.

Missing shingles or leaky roofs?

Only regular roof inspections and preventive roofing care allow us to achieve the durability of the tiles or sheets that their manufacturers say. Spring cleaning is one of the most important periods in which it is advisable to check the technical condition of the roof since the winter weather can sometimes seriously damage the tiles or sheet metal.

What to expect on the roof after winter?

The most serious damage that can occur on the roof after the winter period is the broken tiles. You shouldn’t expect them if you painted the roofs of your property before winter, but if it has been several or a dozen years since the last impregnation, then in Winter moisture could have absorbed into the tile structure, and, due to the cold, some of them have cracked.

Since we are already in the presence of humidity, special attention must also be paid to sheet metal and steel shingles. If the paint layer is a few good years old, it could crack and crumble on the roof. The exposed pieces of sheet metal could easily become the focus of the rust.

After winter, a lot of dirt can accumulate on the roof, mainly due to emissions. If there is a coal stove in the house, it is easy for soot to settle on the roof. Soot and smoke particles from neighboring houses, as well as polluting emissions that hit the roof along with rain and snow, will also prove to be an additional source of dirt.

They represent a considerable danger, especially for tin roofs. The emission of pollutants as a result of the reaction with UV rays can lead to cracking of the paint and expose the sheet metal, exposing it to corrosion.

How to take care of the roof in the spring?

First, check the roof for damaged shingles. If found, they should be replaced immediately to prevent moisture from entering the deeper plating structures, which would require a major overhaul.

Roof cleaning is also a good idea in the context of removing pollutant emissions, the effect of which on roof quality has already been discussed.

Spring is also a good time to provide your roof with complete care, especially if the tiles or sheets have not been cleaned, painted, and impregnated for several or several years.

In addition, it is also worth checking the state of the gutters and chimney flashing, which may also be damaged due to frost.

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