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Spring and autumn is a period when special attention is required to assess the roof of our house. Even minor damage can lead to costly degradation of the roof. What should you especially pay attention to? Although a roof made in accordance with the roofing art should not cause problems for investors for years, it is worth subjecting it to periodic inspections. Performed cyclically, they will allow you to remove even minor faults. Roof inspections should be comprehensive. The condition of each roof element affects its overall condition. We can carry out the roof inspection ourselves, but it is better to entrust it to roofers who will spot any irregularities with a skilled eye. Remember that the cost of a roof inspection is much lower than the cost of a major renovation, which may be needed if regular maintenance is neglected. It is best to inspect the roof by an experienced roofer.

Roof inspection – visual inspection in the attic

Before we climb onto the roof, we should look around the attic or attic. We look for any signs that the roof is leaking on the ceiling. You will then see streaks, peeling paint, bubbles and other marks on the panel cladding. It is necessary to check the ceiling and the slopes around the chimney, these are very common places of leaks. You also have to look at the roof windows, and water can leak around them. Streaks in the attic will show us where to look for damage on the slopes. If the house has a flat roof, we look for stains on the ceiling and on the walls along which the ventilation ducts run, as well as at the chimney. When the house has an attic, you need to go in there and see if there are any puddles or watermarks on the floor. You should also look at the bottom layers of the roof or see the condition of the roofing foil or the rigid sheathing.

Roof Inspection – Mind the Cover!

If you are concerned about the attic or attic inspection, proceed with the inspection of the roofing material. You can get to the roof either through a chimney hatch or via a ladder. Broken or shifted roof tiles, protruding sheets of metal roof tiles, and rust on the sheet are disturbing. Let’s also check the condition of the flashings, if they are loose, they must be handled by a specialist. Pipes need to be inspected through the covering, and the system elements must also be inspected – antenna tiles, snow fences, steps and chimney sweeps. We should also be concerned about the belt leakage around the chimney flashing. When we have a flat roof – we check the condition of the roofing felt and waterproofing at the same time. Warning signals are sticking paper off, bubbles on its surface, holes and cracks. Water should always flow towards the drain or into the gutters – the trough on the roof is a disturbing signal. The roofing felt should fit tightly to skylights, inlets and chimneys. The roof inspection should also include an assessment of the guttering condition

Roof inspection – inspection of the gutter system

A roof inspection should also include guttering. The gutters will function flawlessly for years if we make sure that they are unobstructed, tight and properly fastened. A leak in the gutter system can cause flooding and dampness of the walls of the house. To check the tightness of the gutters, just pour water into them after blocking the drain hole. Leakage points, e.g. at the point where the gutter is attached to the wall, must be removed with a preparation recommended by the gutter system manufacturer. It can be, for example, rubber which is suitable for all types of gutters. Let’s also check if the gutters and downspouts are not clogged with, for example, foliage. To prevent this, it is worth protecting them with a special mesh that will stop larger contaminants. The sieve for gutter systems, which is placed at the inlet of the downpipe, also works well. It will keep contamination and ensure patency in these hard-to-reach places. Let’s also pay attention to the condition of the hooks and clamps supporting the gutters. If they are loose or loose, they must be repaired.

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